Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to the chopping block

I skipped ahead and did a query, posted it on AbsoluteWrite and Backspace for review, and was basically told in no uncertain terms not to waste my time querying something 160000 words. Not to mention it's done all wrong, and I need to narrow down my genre and maybe redo the whole book to find the hook. Even had one person tell me I may have to sack the whole thing and just write another book.


After I blew wind back into my own sails again and got up off the floor. I sucked it up and opened that document again, and I've started chopping. Again.

I'm a glass-half-full kind of person (good thing, huh?) so I'm approaching this with a good attitude. Sorta. Okay, well maybe not really yet, I'm kinda sulking. But I WILL have a good attitude eventually. Really.

Maybe after I figure out how to cut what equates to 12 chapters and keep the continuity, then I'll have a good attitude.

Okay, that was kinda bitchy, huh? I need to work on that. I'll work on that. I'll go get some caffeine, take a vitamin, and work on that.

On the upside (see, I have one) I joined RWA the other day, and am looking into finding an online chapter to participate in since there is nothing close to me. Kind of excited about that. I hear so much from other writers about conferences they go to, meeting agents and editors and authors, and I'm so in awe. That seems so outside my normal life, and I can't imagine getting to that stage. That would probably be after I get that good attitude, huh? Yeah. ;)

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ChristaCarol said...

Hey you obviously have a better attitude than most. Most would say a few expletives to your critiquer's on AW, and/or give up right away. Good for you to keep trucking on. It's a big pain in the ass sometimes, this writing thing and getting it right.

I haven't read your stuff yet, so I'm not sure if this suggestion is worthless or not, but I ended up cutting my first three chapters, starting at chapter 4, and having it be much more entertaining of a start plus closer to the whole plot of the story to begin with. I just scattered the information, what was pertinent in the first few chapters I cut, throughout the book (so I didn't have one big info dump). And I think it worked. Of course, we'll know as soon as I have an agent. ;)

But I am sorry to hear you're back at the beginning, I know you were looking forward to getting it out there. Probably a blessing though, if you have a chance to make it really shine, why not? Keep chopping away!