Friday, October 24, 2008

Gutted and preserved

Well...I did it... I started eyeing my wip with a "every scene needs to further the plot in some way" theory, and I ended up taking out a HUGE plotline, that actually I loved. ALOT. But it was just fun, and funny, and didn't add anything. Well, in small places it did, but not overall, and without knowing it was there, you don't miss anything.

But it was over 10000 words! Plus another 4800 I found. So now I'm down to 144700. Still too big, but at least it's leaning in the right direction.

Tonight is the hometown football game, so I won't be writing, I'll be cheering (hopefully). And then sitting in my hot tub in the cold (we got a cold front). Doesn't that sound yummy?


Leon Basin said...

Keep it up and one day, you and I both will be novelists:)

ChristaCarol said...

Hey good job! It's hard taking out something you like, but the point that you did proves you'll go somewhere with this writing thing!