Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm so dragging butt today. I laid in bed for 20 extra minutes trying to come up with a multitude of reasons to call in sick. All my reasons kept getting shot down. Too much to do at work and too many errands to run so even if I stayed home, I'd have to hit the road anyway. Sad when the final reason for being responsible and going to work revolves around the errands I have to do later.

In the meantime, I could literally curl up under my desk and trot off to la la land. Already had two cups of coffee, and short of an IV drip it's not working fast enough.

Don't you hate when you have to be at work and all you can think about is what you want to be writing? I guess that paycheck is worth it, though.

Okay, enough rambling. Have to go do what they pay me for before my head slams down on the desk and I start snoring.

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ChristaCarol said...

How are things going? Hope you had a great Halloween!