Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loving It!

Got to relax in the hot tub last night! Oh. My. God. Sooooooo good. Probably shouldn't be allowed out there alone in case I fall asleep and drown.

As much as I'm avoiding the rewriting issue, I got some sage advice on a blog comment from Janet Reid herself (WOW! Thank you, Janet!) that kind of jolted me into action. She suggested that if my beginning was dead weight, then cut it.

Deep breathing. Deep breathing.

Then go back and filter in the pieces that are too vital to leave out. Makes me want to beat my head against a wall, but if that's what is needed to make this thing work, then so be it.

Now if my job would just leave me the heck alone and let me write... they're rude that way. And if I can pull my head back into this wip... I've been creating the beginning and end of my next story in my head for the last two days. And if I could quit making excuses and just get at it!

I do have to actually work today, but maybe I can sneak some time later... :)