Friday, October 17, 2008

musical chapters

Okay, I spent last night butchering. I wrestled the thing into submission, deleted chapter 1 and chapter 5, and reworked chapter 2 to be the new 1. And found other dead weight that I got rid of too. Unfortunately, there was a minor supporting character that got severely stunted that will now only show up toward the end, and I liked her showing up at the beginning, but now can't find anywhere to put that part so...oh well. But I got rid of 4000 wds in that whole gory slaughter, so that's a good thing.

I redid my chapter summaries, and I'm now ready to attack the synopsis thing again this weekend. Oh, that stresses me out. I get such a block. Major walls made out of titanium reinforced steel, with laser beam alarms.

Maybe I need to call it something else. Maybe I need to throw out the formulas I've so diligently researched and just call it a character reunion and invite them all to come hang out.

Maybe I need to go sit in my hot tub.

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