Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in the midst of trimming...

I really like that what I'm now doing to my novel is "trimming" as opposed to the "amputating" I had going on previously. Some of that I even got the ghost sensation of still feeling the limb I'd chopped off.

But now I'm (at this second) down to 105,300. My goal is get just under 100K in that 98-99 range...kind of like that $19.99 concept. Looks better than $20.

And I'm getting there. So I've also gone back to query hell to attack that again, and it's better this time, I have to say. I haven't yet visited the synopsis, so I can't say anything good about that, but the query so far is okay.

ALSO! I spent some time today revamping some short stories of mine that never saw the light of day and I submitted two of them to the Writers Digest 9th Annual Short Short Story Competition. Then I took another one and submitted it to The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine.

So I'm just feeling very author-ish today. I can't say I got alot of work done at work...but I kicked some writerly butt.

Oh and by the way...the fish below is a Whiting. (Gulf Kingfish)

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