Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Fishy

Went saltwater fishing with my hubby yesterday....SO much fun! I love to fish, and it's actually been several months since we've gone. We were out there for nearly eight hours, and he finally said, "Baby, I've had enough, can we go?" I guess I'm not like normal women.

Only bad part is the unfair bathroom aspect. He's slugging back water all day, able to--deal with the results discreetly. I can't drink anything because women don't have it that easy. There's nothing discreet about having to get half naked and sit on a bucket! With four other boats hovering nearby. He did have to feel my pain for a little while because there was another wife/husband combo close by so he couldn't...well, you know.

We caught 23 keepers and threw back probably 30 more. It was a kickin' kind of day!!!! Even caught a little mystery fish we can't figure out. Looks like a sand trout with a shark's mouth and a chin barb. We're befuddled.

Back on topic....yeah, that writing thing....I am down to 108900! Whoo hoo! There is hope, there is light, there is another 8900 brutal words to find, but I'm getting there.

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