Sunday, November 23, 2008

Synopsis-ing and...Twitter??

Have a first draft synopsis...or really my version of one. I've been told it really isn't, :)) so maybe not. So I spent last night redoing my chapter summaries (last time they were done was before my 67000 word cut, so as you can imagine, it needed updating). Tonight I'll do another synopsis, summarizing my summaries. So, very much like query hell, I'm entering the synopsis vortex, where everything revolves around the 15 versions of this thing I'm going to end up with.

Yay!!! Do you hear the clowns? Oh, that's just the voices.

Okay now... Twitter? Really?

Do yall (yeah, I'm Southern) remember just "writing"? Before there was this driving obligation to blog and tag (don't know what that is either) and spend countless hours reading blogs that link to other blogs and put those links in our blogs because we won't look cool and connected if we don't?

Because we just might miss something vital? I spend more time online reading blogs now than I do working on my book, and now there's this Twitter thing that evidently one must do in order for the natural order of things to keep on rolling. I'm thinking I'm all that just for having a blog! That probably very few people read, so here I am talking to myself most of the time. I'm just thinking... have priorities flip-flopped somewhere? I'm confused.

And on that note... let the flogging (yesterday's unread post) commence, because I had to change this template again. It was just too blah for me, I couldn't handle it!! And I may not be done.

Yeah, I'll be freakin' twittering before you know it.

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ChristaCarol said...

Hey! I don't know what happened but you fell off my blog some how. I have you back on it. -hug-