Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Musings

I've been so lax in keeping up my sorry!! Today I have no kids at home and I've dedicated my Saturday to catching up on reading blogs and basically screwing around so that I don't have to face that synopsis. That word is said with my face twisted up like I just tasted something nasty! Now, on the other hand, I did get up today and scribbled out some notes on a new work-to-be (yay me!). I have been carrying these characters around in my head for some time now, and it was very liberating to get them down on paper and watch what happened.

Now, on the blogging front, I had a blast today reading my fellow bloggers. Christine Basham was hysterical on her posting about her Christmas tree and the Texas ornaments...not to mention the fallic dog bone...OMG I laughed so much. I love funny writing, and funny blogs, and both Colby Marshall's blog as well as Nannygoatsinpanties (which had nothing to do with writing but I so didn't care!) just fit the bill for my day today! To get back to writing...ChristaCarol pointed out a great opportunity for pitch critiques at Jessica Faust's (Bookends) blog, which I think I have to go for.

Are you ready for Christmas? Two weeks ago, I would have said no in a slightly panicked voice. But, thank God for the internet, because now I am only waiting on two deliveries and then I'm done. Oh and stocking stuffers for the dog and the birds. THEN I'm done.

My daughter has to go to her dad's every other Christmas, and sadly this is one of them, so in the week before she left, I went all June Cleaver and tried baking something every night. I did NoBake Cookies that didn't do very well, but I made up for the next night with brownies and banana nut bread. Then I got a pecan praline recipe from my mother-in-law and it was so easy and now my husband is in love with me all over again. :) So good, I'm going to post it separately!

Now if I can convince him to rent It's a Wonderful Life with me this week, I will be complete.

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ChristaCarol said...

Good luck on your pitch! I'm totally not a nut person, but the recipe looks good. I'll have to try it for my husband, he'd probably love it. Hope you get Wonderful Life viewing! And sorry about this being the Christmas for the ex :( That's got to be hard. Have a merry one!