Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm rambling ... pardon the ride.

Just had to laugh at Travis Erwin's posting today about dysfunction, you gotta love Nuggnuts. Dip'em in eggnog! lol

I managed everything last night except the pralines. Will hit that tonight.

Random question... does anyone else wake up with unexplainable songs in their head? Every day I wake up with a random song that sometimes hasn't even played in reality recently. So I do not know where they come from. My alarm clock is a screaming beep that makes me want to harm small electronics, so there's no music there to creep into my brain.

This morning's random song... She Wouldn't Be Gone-Blake Shelton. Okay, I heard that one a few days ago because I keep having to switch stations around since my favorite 80's station is doing 24/7 Christmas and I just can't handle that. I like Christmas songs, but not constantly. I want to keep liking them. Anyway...I strayed...sorry. Sometimes it's something I haven't heard in a year. And I wake up thinking what the heck??


Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the shout out and the great comment you left, but thought I'd let you know my last name is with a W and not a V, but interestingly enough that is the address for some other dudes blog.

Sharla said...

Yikes my typo and I just found that out myself! I was like, "Wait--what--who the heck is this??"

I'll fix!!