Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

It snowed in Southeast Texas last night! Earliest snow in our area's history, we got a phone call about it at 12:30 this morning and everyone got up and ran outside. All the neighbors were out there too... So hysterical, people up north think that's crazy that we Texans get wiggy over snow, especially that the schools were 2 hours late opening because of 2 inches. But we never get it! It's a huge deal, and grownups all over town turn into 10 year olds because when we were ten we didn't get to play in it! I personally saw snow twice growing up, and I remember it vividly because it was such a novelty.

Lived in Colorado for 4 years and I loved every snow and blizzard and white-out we had. My daughter vaguely remembers it, but I dragged her out there every time, bundled up to the nose and waddling like a robot, so she could experience all the snow I never did!!

I threw a snowball at her this morning as she was getting into the car, and I don't think she appreciated it like I did... :))


ChristaCarol said...

Beautiful! We don't get snow until March :P

Christine said...

My family and I are ready to move to Texas. Fantastic weather all the time, and maybe twice in your life you get a few inches of snow? I could sign on for that, for sure.