Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, it never ends...

Thought I was done Christmas shopping... then my son (he's 18) received 2 gifts from friends, that of course I've already bought. Not just bought, but one of them I researched and slaved over the internet to find, and sweated over it coming in time. I stood there thinking "Really? Seriously? What are the odds?" God evidently is having some fun with me.

So now I have NO idea what to replace them with, but have to spend tonight wandering aimlessly among the other panicked masses that I thought I had cleverly avoided. Rrrrrrr.

Okay, enough of that. Think happy eggnoggy thoughts.

I picked up my daughter's copy of Twilight and started reading it last night. Figured with the obsession my kids have with it and the movie, I might as well join the insanity. I was, after all, on the Harry Potter bandwagon for many years. I owned a bookstore five years ago, and got to get the books ahead of time and touch the covers before anyone else did while looking at the door to see if the book police were going to morph out of nowhere and arrest me.

Of course I was supposed to be working on that freaking synopsis that has become such a white elephant in my life I can hardly breathe while saying the word. But I didn't. I started Twilight, and congratulated myself for choosing that over computer chess or mahjongg.

After I hit the mall tonight....oh lord... yeah after that, I want to make some more banana nut bread and my husband wants some more pralines so I guess I know what the evening will consist of. These food holidays are exhausting! Anybody have any easy awesome QUICK recipes to share?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Good grief! Full schedule ahead for you. Try to get in some more reading. The synopsis...maybe it'll write itself after the New Year after it's simmered in your head for awhile. :)

colbymarshall said...

This reminds me of last Christmas, I went through searching for a new Georgia Bulldogs golf bag for my hubby- ordered off ebay, everything. Would you believe, come Cmas Day, his dad and I had gotten the EXACT same golf bag off EBAY? Yep. Ugh- hate it when that happens!