Friday, December 5, 2008

Whew! I'm back... and penguins...

Holiday was crazy and I'm just now back. Hopefully someone actually reads this and knows I was gone... :))

I'm really struggling with the query/synopsis dilemma. Really. I've written I don't know how many queries and I guess I need to change my genre because... when I write a query that actually fits the voice of my book, I'm told it doesn't fit the voice of the category. It's funny, it has a romance to it, it has drama to it. It's not light and fluffy enough for romantic comedy, it's not serious enough for romantic suspense. Think I'm just going to go with Womens Fiction!! I'm having such a block now, I haven't even opened the synopsis document in two weeks. I just can't, it makes me nauseous. It's really eating me up.

Okay, even that subject upped my heart rate. Next!!

I have inflatable Christmas things in my front yard... mostly snowmen, I like snowmen...probably because I live in Southeast Texas and never see them. Had four years of them in Colorado and couldn't get enough. Anyway, I bought an inflatable Penguin couple wearing santa caps, really cute. Some kids in a truck drove by the first night and shot them with a pellet gun. We heard the "Poof!"

I went the next day and bought a Snowman couple wearing santa caps. My daughter said "I hope they know what kind of neighborhood they're moving into, drive-by penguin shootings and all." LMAO!!!

Not safe to be a penguin in our neighborhood.

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ChristaCarol said...

lol! That's just awful! Stupid kids!

And I feel you on the synopsis. I think I got my one pager decent. But my full on detailed synopsis? HAH.