Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back from hiatus...

I have gone so long without blogging! I really am shocked, didn't think it was possible, but in reality I was cheating on my blog with a message board. I got back involved with AbsoluteWrite on the purgatory thread and the agent threads and apparently I'm not a multitasker because I can't seem to do that and blog, too. And then also many of you that I visit on your blogs were over there with me, so I didn't feel all that out of touch!

It was eating at me, though, and I couldn't take it anymore. Had to come in here and throw out a few words, and then I'll have to take a look around and then probably come back because I'll read something that will spur me on.

I've been querying every night, and got two partials that were consequently rejected at the same time, which put me in a slump today till I came home and checked my email again. I had sent a thank you note to both agents, (trying not to beg or cry) and got a very nice note back from one, telling me that she really liked what she read, just the style was wrong for her, and that she'd be interested in seeing my next project when I was ready. That was nice, and I was just feeling a little better about my life...thinking I didn't need to drown in a pie or anything. When my next email was a request for a FULL. Blew me away, and kinda made my night!

Well, without reading all of your gems yet, I'm running dry on conversation, so I'm going to bid goodbye for the moment and go see what you all have been up to.

Love yall!

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Janna Qualman said...

Well now, good for you! It just wouldn't do to drown in a pie.