Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally...a carrot

Got my FIRST request for a partial, this morning! Got a rejection too, but I'm used to those, and this was such a wonderful way to start a Monday! You know, after a while, I start thinking am I just spinning my wheels? It was just nice to see for the first time that someone in the business thinks it might sound interesting enough to look at a little further. Somebody that I'm not married to or best friends with and therefore have to love me!! LOL.

Got a little more done on my new wip this weekend, while looking at...(drum roll)... my NEW FURNITURE. Oh man, I just can't tell you how in love with my bedroom I am, and now how much I despise the rest of the house. My husband and I both are now disgusted with every other room and wanting to paint and redo the rest of the house. Remodeling is such a monster.

Can't send pics yet because I still have to get new blinds and my husband has to build a computer desk and stain it and all that. Right now that's the only blight in the bedroom, is the computer area... we call it our white trash corner, in what's otherwise a Pottery Barn bedroom! But let me just tell you... I got dark blood red bedding with gold accents. OMG I am in absolute heaven.

Okay, my lunch break is over so gotta get back to getting paid.


Melissa Marsh said...

YAY! Congrats on the request!

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats on the request!

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing?