Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like...Chocolate!

Hubby is home and painting our bedroom as I type this!!! From work. Yeah, I'm wrong on alot of levels. Our room has been the catch-all crap room for the past 3 years, taped and floated unfinished sheetrock, piles of things in the corners we hide away, and 60-year old furniture.

It's our turn. Deep long sigh.

We've finished texturing, ordered new furniture, ditched the old (living out of plastic tubs but it's worth the sacrifice.) and right now my husband is rolling paint. We picked dark furniture with bronze accents and we're painting a milk chocolate-y color with cream trim. He called me to tell me I'm going to gain 15 pounds sitting in there because it's making him want a Heath bar. I'm so excited!!!!!

Not just to have a new bedroom... but a new writing room! I write in there sitting on the bed with my laptop, and it's such a chaotic place. It will still be chaotic, but it will now be awesome and chaotic. We still have shelving and decor to deal with, but it's getting there.

I'm going to send out some more queries tonight...excited about that too. Because not only does it fulfill my commitment to getting it out there, it also mentally frees me up to start the next one. The other night, I wasn't sleeping, and I laid there and plotted out my problem areas for my next wip, so I'm getting closer to actually getting something down in type instead of just floating around in my head.

Oh and my daughter is 14 today. Unbelievable. Very significant age for me...I remember it well and I know all the things I did...and started 14. Scares the living crap out of me!! :)


Melissa Marsh said...

You'll have to share pics of the new room! It sounds heavenly. And great job on sending out those queries! Here's hoping you get back some VERY positive results.

Janna Qualman said...

I'm so excited for you, that you're getting close to that finished bedroom!

And good call on the brown! Our living room is a similar color (hubby calls it "mocha"), and it's so warm and inviting. I was worried before it dried, because it looked like baby poop. :/ But it turned out all good. :)

ChristaCarol said...

lol Janna, baby poop! Haha, that's hilarious. We, too, have an olive brown sort of color motif with our main living room. One is almost a dark charcoal though, and the other is a tanner color I guess. They go great with each other I think. The front living room has a more greener tone to it, but it's warm and comfy to me.

As for my queries, girl you don't WANNA know how many I have out :P 40% have been R'ed so far, with 1 partial and 2 fulls out and R'ed, the other 50% have yet to respond =T But you have the right mind! Each rejection gets you closer to THE agent who will be passionate about your project and get you the best results :)

And so glad my blog is of usefulness!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Ohh, I sent you a of...those of those Dreaded horried things I DETEST sending? eek...erk - bleah.

I can't remember the story - but I will tell you this: it can me we just pub'd a similar story, or, it could mean one editor liked it and the other(s) had something else in mind, or, it could mean it's something the mag usually doesn't publish for some reason (thought I don't know what that would be), or the mag or zine is really stupid and has no damn taste at all! *laugh!*

Now, I am going to go beat my head against the wall to stop RScowboy from entering my head - stop --stop STOP!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Girl, major progress on lots of fronts! Congratulations, and hope you find success with both WIPs.

Kathryn's right, BTW, about the reasons work gets rejected lots of times. So don't ever let that stop you from sending out!!

PS Does it mean I'm an incurable blogaholic if I know every person here? LOL

Sharla said...

Kathryn, LOL, no biggie! We all know we get more rejections than positives. Just makes us better. Or more insane. Or insanely better!

Room is looking so cool! Color is gorgeous, sconces look awesome. Trim being done today...I feel like we're moving into a Pottery Barn catalog. And I always wanted to live there!!