Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random musings

I have a real twitch for words that get butchered. It makes me nuts when I hear someone beat up words, especially over and over. So much so, that a coworker and I started compiling a list at work and we just keep adding to it. We call them "wordisms".

Wordism of the day: DIGIKAL aka digital

There are people in my family who shall remain nameless that insist on this one, and I've decided they are "t" challenged because they do the same thing with WALMARK (Walmart).

Got a link for a cool site GoodReads, from Travis's blog. Kind of like Facebook for books. And I am so envious because Jennifer Weiner signed up to be his friend on that site. She's one of my fave authors! When I owned a bookstore several years ago, Good In Bed was just coming out and I got the galley free with some others that Baker & Taylor sent with my book order. I read it and I was so inspired to start writing myself! I tried to get her to come do a book signing, and there were a couple of emails back and forth, but her book tour wasn't coming down south so she couldn't.

What is your favorite book, or let's break it down. Shoot me a line with your favorite book now... mine is still Good In Bed. And what was your favorite book as a kid? What stuck with you? Mine was Huckleberry Finn. I so wanted to go on those adventures!


Travis Erwin said...

Good in Bed was great. Others I've really enjoyed in recent years. Jodi Picoult's My Sisters Keeper, Russo's The Risk Pool, and Paula Walls, THe Rock Orchard. Where the Red Fern Grows and Huck Finn are childhood faves.

Janna Qualman said...

Now: The Art of Racing In the Rain. As a child: Summer of My German Soldier.

And 'k' for a 't'? That's crazy! And annoying to boot, I bet.

Sharla said...

Janna, you just can't imagine. Gives me an eye twitch. Someone got a new digital camera, and I had 20 solid minutes of "digikal, digikal, digikal..." bouncing around the room as they all were talking about it. I had to do deep breathing exercises.