Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sugar and chocolate instead of writers block

Yeah, I was non-productive. Felt the need to get a cool background. I just had to!!

Tried to write on my new book last night, but kept hitting that place I hit when I stop visualizing it as the action, and I only see the words on the screen. When it's just words, I come to a screeching halt or it ends up sounding stilted and forced. I have to go drive around and kinda act it out in my head and have the characters talk to each other and breathe and make the scene real. Didn't have time for all that, and topped it off with another rejection in my email so I went to the kitchen and baked brownies and made pralines. When I'm stuck writing, I always end up cooking. Not sure about that connection, but my family makes out like bandits in that deal.

Getting my hair snipped and painted today...long overdue! Nothing like that to make you feel all new and jiggy! And on that note, gotta head for my third cup of coffee.

Are you a coffee person?


Janna Qualman said...

This is SO me. I'm there right now. And you worded it so well:

"...kept hitting that place I hit when I stop visualizing it as the action, and I only see the words on the screen."

I rarely drink hot coffee, even in the cold winter. But I LOVE iced coffees. Mm mmm.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I have my two cups of Deep Creek Blend every morning - and GMR's two cups is like three or four cups of regular people coffee who weren't born and raised in New Orleans as he was!

When I get stuck, I start at the beginning again and start reading - it works - you either begin filling in stuff or something will spur off a tangent of new writing!

But brownies and pralines sounds good too ...

Melissa Marsh said...

Nope, not a coffee person at all. Love the smell of it, though.

And yes, I know exactly how you feel - when you stop visualizing it and it's just words on the screen. Well put!

Now I'm off to find some chocolate of my own...