Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiny bubbles...FLIP!

Happy Sunday! I have 5 teenage girls in my house just beginning to move around, since they were up till 3am playing Rock Band 2 and screaming and laughing like only 14 yr old girls can. But that's okay. I did it at that age and my mother survived it. I was even domestic and cooked them pancakes this morning. I feel very Donna Reed. Well except for the dress and heels, I wasn't all that. And my 21 year old griddle is on the blink so I had to fight it, wrestling with each pancake to make sure they cooked.

Got another query out last night, and I'm trying not to let the rejections I'm getting pull me down. I know it's all part of it. But it would be nice to get a request for a partial or something first! :) I'm starting to think my query just stinks.

But I keep going! I bought a small dry erase board to plot out my next book like a timeline. I think that will help me because I'm such a visual person. Janet Evanovich does that, and her book is really inspiring me. Granted she has an office with a GIANT board, and mine is like 1x2, but hey, you do what you can. Anyone else do this technique?


Christine said...

Well, be grateful for the rejections. I send my queries out and if they don't earn me work they almost never get any response at all.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Keep sending! I used the method in First Draft in 30Days book and it helped organize my insanity. Sticky notes and writing straight onto the draft help too. Good luck!

Fran said...

I am about to begin the query journey, all innocent and eager. I just found out that a 125000 word novel is about 35000 words too long, and that crushed me. How do you just remove 100 pages? Ah, well, we'll see.

Wanted to tell you - and I'm not working for 3M - that their Digital Notes program (under $10)goes right into your hard drive, and you can just pop up a 'sticky' as you're working. You can have bulletin boards for everything, from character development, histories, a calendar, chapter synopsis, chapter pages. It's wonderful.

O am now following your blog. Take a look at mine?

Sharla said...

Hi Fran! I killed 121000 words of my original 219000 wc ms. So have can be done! I killed chapters, characters, plotlines, and then had to reweave. It was educational, and now I'm outlining the next one so I don't go through that again!! :) Good luck!