Thursday, January 1, 2009

What I'm Supposed To Like

Just read Christine's blog FUNNY entry on "What I'm Not Supposed To Like". Lovin' it! I have to make my own twist on that thought... instead of being productive... and go the other way with What I'm Supposed To Like.

Contrary to her thoughts on stubble... Women are supposed to like it. MY husband thinks it's supposed to be hot. I think it looks like the guy hasn't bathed.

Speedos. Somebody somewhere made the rule that women are supposed to find them sexy. Sorry. Either looks like they want to be a girl, or more often than not, like they want to be 100 pounds smaller...and a girl.

Makeup. I want to string up the psycho that created that monster.

Children. Other people's are okay at times. Mine I like occasionally. But overall, babies are sweet as long as I can give them back. Teenagers just need to go find the mother ship that invaded them.

Chocolate. Okay, never mind. It would be blasphemy to trash my best friend. :)

On a PRODUCTIVE note! I just took a deep breath and submitted my first three queries! On the 1st day of the new year...starting my resolution out with a bang!


Melissa Marsh said...

When I was in college, I took a figure drawing class. Little did I know that there would be live models. One day, the model that was supposed to show up didn't and our teacher, a man in his 60s who most definitely did not have the best body in the world, put on a pair of speedos, got up in front of the class, and modeled for us. I was horrified. My eyes have still not recovered from that sight.

Christine said...

Totally agree with you on the speedo thing. Dear God. And the thing that amazes me, is, we HAVE to wear those ridiculous skin-tight suits. They could wear normal, comfortable, attractive trunks for the rest of their lives and no one would think ill of them.

Speedo men must think they look fantastic, or they would take the easy route. Shoot, do most stores even SELL those things? They have to SEARCH for them...

I want some of THAT delusion, for myself!

Sharla said...

Melissa! Me too!! I must have been in the class next door, because we had a female model...intentionally very large so we would draw what we "see" instead of what we "know". Meaning lots of rolls and this chick was in her underwear. I can't imagine she was comfortable with that...I know I wasn't!

kimmirich said...

Heehee, I too agrre about the speedos! Big congrats on the getting your queries out!

Janna Qualman said...

YES! Go, Sharla!

...And how crazy is it my word verification is - I kid you not - eymakup. ROFL!