Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are You a Writer Yet?

Wordism of the day: Idear / Ideal vs. Idea Are you an "idea" "idear" or "ideal" person?

Nathan had an interesting topic going on "When Do You Call Yourself A Writer?"

I personally called myself a writer in my head for a long time, in my own secret world that I didn't say out loud to anyone. After all, in the "real" world, who does that? Only people like Stephen King or Danielle Steel write books, right? Not ordinary people.

Then when I wrote one, I told a few people, casually, you know. Laughed about it, just in case they might make fun of me. (the little girl just never completely goes away!) They didn't. They were surprised, unaware of what one says back when somebody tells you something like that, but they didn't make fun. I still thought I was the only ordinary schmuck who would do something like that. I wasn't online yet. I didn't know a thing.

Then I got on the web and found out there's this whole world of people like me, and I was overwhelmed. Then I started reworking and editing and saying "writer" out loud. When I started querying for agents, I finally felt it. Said it.

Then my boss asked me what I did over the weekend one Monday, and it fell out of my mouth that I worked on letters to agents for my book. Literally fell out, and I was grabbing at it but it got out there too quick. Of course then I had to respond to her "What?" and go into explanation, all the while hyperventilating. She thought it was cool and wished me luck.

I thought, "Okay, NOW I'm a writer. I've told my boss."

Now, if I can just get that getting paid part of writing going on, I can upgrade into "author".

What is your take on that subject?


DebraLSchubert said...

I read Nathan's blog about this and commented that, yes I'm a writer AND an author, since I've completed two novels and am working on a third.I even have business cards that say I'm a freelance writer, so it must be true! (I believe everything I read. Especially, if I've written it.*teehee*) I can't wait to the day when I can scream from the mountaintops that, yes, I'm a PUBLISHED author!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Same take as yours. I am writer, see me type, edit, query, angst. :)

Janna Qualman said...

Ditto! I agree with your thinking. It took some trying on, making sure it fit right, before I wore my writing cape around. And even now, I still hesitate to mention those words "I'm a writer" around some people. But the more I do, and the closer I get to publication, the more bravely I will claim my title!

Janna Qualman said...

Oh! And I know one person for sure who says "It's a good ideal." Bah!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Two years ago when I received my first rejection. Ouch. Despite the disappointment, I decided then to keep on writing and putting myself out there.