Friday, February 13, 2009

Born Free

I have to put on my inner-activist hat for a second. Please check out this link from Born Free USA. It's--well, the organization is about abuse to animals in captivity, in transport, and in the entertainment industry, basically when they are kept and exploited and treated inhumanely. But this particular link is for the abuse of elephants in the Ringling Brothers Circus circuit. They have a lawsuit against them. There is a petition you can sign to help. There is a picture at the top that is heartbreaking, and there are some articles that will make you want to bullwhip these people.

If you can't tell by my pictures here, I'm somewhat of an elephant lover. I get a little wigged over this stuff. the soapbox. Popping my knuckles and breathing deeply.

Changing subject.

Idol. Tatiana. Really?


Janna Qualman said...

I just read something the other day about how maternal elephants are, and how broken they are when another (especially an offspring) dies. So sad and sweet. I dare not look at the horrible articles!

And I'm as shocked as you. Do you think they'd have kept her on for "entertainment" purposes? Still, I rest assured in the fact that America won't keep her on long.

kimmirich said...

Sharla, I stopped going to circus's many many years ago. I can not stand to see them in that setting. It makes me cry and I can not bring myself to click on your link but would sign whatever to prevent this cruel abuse of animals. Appaling.