Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good morning!

Good morning all! Trying to get this done before I leave for work... because then I just feel so guilty when I get on here from there. Not that that will stop me, I'll probably be back, but at least the major part is done. LOL!

I didn't even mess with my website last night. I decided to forego going to bed irritated and frustrated (note, the r and not the l) and instead got some serious querying done. I felt all productive. I have a concern that the hosting I chose does not allow linking to a current blog, I can't find it if it does, and that's going to be a major thorn. I have a message in to find out.

Bachelor news: down to three! Who will it be?

Idol News: Tatiana is still there... oh geez. Give her a chill pill. But my Jasper, TX boy is still there! That would be very cool to have a local boy make it a long time in.

Okay, have to hit the road, everyone have a wonderful, productive day! Or a slug day, whichever works the best for ya!


kimmirich said...

Have a great day, Sharla!

Janna Qualman said...

I think it's good you took a break from the site. And yay for queries!

Yes. What is with Tatiana's continued presence? I was ranting over that last night. She surely won't last much longer.

Sharla said...

Janna, you notice she was ALMOST in the "go home" room, but their numbers were off and they moved her. She's so annoooooyyyyying.

Melissa Marsh said...

I'd like a slug day, but can't have one. Darn it.