Thursday, March 26, 2009


I spent some time at Ross know, the "dress for less" chain store? It's a major people watching place. You get people like me---digging through the endless racks of crap mixed with treasures...just looking for that nugget to fall in my hand. Looking for that bargain. You get the moms with 2.5 children in tow and climbing the buggies and hiding in the racks and whining. The kids, not the moms. :) And those are usually the moms that do that loud correcting thing to make sure everybody knows what a good parent they are as well as everything else going on in their life.

"Get out of there right now or you'll be punished and you can forget about going to the Fair or going to Joey's party, and then you won't get to bring that new Nintendo game you got from your dad's girlfriend, or wear the baseball hat you got after Grandpa's surgery. I said get out right now! I mean it! I'm counting to three. 1....2.....2 and a half... I mean it Junior! If I get to three, you're busted. 2 and three quarters...!"
When my daughter was little, she knew better. If she gave me grief in a public place, I'd give her one look, and if it continued, she got yanked into the nearest dressing room/bathroom/hallway and spanked, then we left and she knew she'd be punished when we got home. Public manners was something she caught on to pretty quickly.
But kids are different now than we were. I would have had my butt in a sling if I talked back to my parents...or anyone else's parents for that matter...those were the days when the neighbors could beat you too, then send you home and call your parents so you'd get it again when you got home!
Makes for some good writing filler, doesn't it? :))
Got a scene worked last night that's been eating me up... after 2 hours of cleaning white chalky drywall mud dust from everything. My husband decided the hand-sanding wasn't good enough so he hooked up his electric sander and went at it.
It looked like someone took a bag of cocaine and threw it in the air. You couldn't see through it. It. Covered. Everything. My black and white dog went snowy.
We won't be doing that again.


Melissa Marsh said...

The way some kids treat their parents nowadays is a complete disgrace. NO respect at all. Sad, really. I didn't dare talk back to my parents in public or ridicule them or disrespect them. I stood up for myself when the occasion warranted it (usually junior high/high school age), but I wouldn't think of calling them names or hitting them or anything else that kids get away with nowadays. This does not bode well for our future society!

DebraLSchubert said...

I never had to go the spanking route with my kids, and they always behaved in public. The few times they acted up, my husband or I would take them out (usually of the restaurant) and let them know we weren't going back in until they calmed down. I'd much rather see folks talking rationally to their kids and making sure they know the rules and consequences, than what I see WAY too much these days: spoiled, rotten, unruly kids whose parents are paying no attention to whatsoever. There's been so many times when I've been in a restaurant and there's a loud and obnoxious kid at a nearby table. I'll look over to see if the parents (or adults) are scolding or "shushing" the child, but most times the adults are in their own little world seemingly unaware of the screaming child sitting inches away. I just don't get it!!

bernthis said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Loved your response. Nickelback was it? I love it.

I HATE construction. Oh God, I don't know how you do it. I swear I'd rather live in squalor