Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now we're talkin'

My 'mater' plants. For non-southerners, that's tomatoes.
I responded to Amy's blog post yesterday about dialect, and it got me thinking about how different parts of the country view things. Like sodas. Are you a soda pop person? Or just pop? Me personally down here with my feet in the Gulf, everything is a Coke.
"Want a coke?"
"What kind?"
"Dr. Pepper."
Refrigerators are not refrigerators. Fridge is as close as it gets, and more likely is "icebox".
Someone says "you guys" and I'm looking behind me for a guy. It's "yall". I grew up here and moved away to several places, including 4 years in Colorado. My daughter was five when we came back here, and had her dialect in place. Her Colorado dialect. You guys. I had to teach her about "yall" and she was very confused. Now Crazy Girl says things like "That chick was screamin' like all get-out." She's come a long way in the last nine years.

Planted me some yeller flowers too! :))
On the writing front, I got all of one sentence done last night. Freakin' tv!!! Had to watch Castle, though. Had to. He's a writer, so it's kind of like research, right? Cracks me up because he'll have poker games with James Patterson and I know who he is and no one else in my house catches it. And he says things like "Yeah, it's like The Highlander, it never dies." And I'm laughing my ass off and my family is looking at me and blinking in ignorance.


DebraLSchubert said...

Sharla, I lived in CO for many years - it's my home away from home since my parents and sisters still live there. I love all the dialect and different word stuff. Pop/soda, purse/pocketbook, sneakers/tennis shoes... Oh,and by the way, nice pot plants Y'ALL got growing in that first pic!(tee-hee)

Melissa Marsh said...

Been to Colorado a lot since I lived only an hour away growing up. Fort Collins, Denver, etc.

I call it "pop", too. Always have!

Kathryn Magendie said...

oh! I have this in TG! Laughing -- when Vk goes to BR from WVA, she calls coke, Pop....Micah has to "teach" her that in South La, everything is COke -orange is coke, grape is coke...laughing...or they may say "soft drink" -- no Pop!

And yawwwlll~ when I lived in Ohio I started saying "you guys" so when we moved back down south, some kid chased me around my yard with dog poop on a stick until I learned to say "y'all" again and not "you guys" - laughing!!

And yeah, 'maters taters....


Janna Qualman said...

My life started in the southern part of our state, where we called it "soda." And then after our move to the north part, it became "pop." Other words, too, shifted over the years.

I was a teensy bit disappointed in last night's episode, but loved it just the same. I love all those "insider" jokes!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Love the different languages of our geography.

Rebecca Nazar said...

In Maine we say soda. Ayuh is not widely used. I've been told the saying "I'm all set"--meaning things are fine or in place--is unique to our region.