Monday, March 9, 2009

You don't want to know what's in there...

I've learned something this past weekend. I've learned that gutting a kitchen/dining area completely and starting from scratch...can be the true test of a marriage. Seriously, people get divorced and end up splitting half of the crap they fought over in the first place. This is crazy stuff. You take a house built in 1962--almost 50 years ago--and start opening the walls up. Can you just imagine what's in there?

It ain't purty, people!

I have been covered repeatedly in--stuff--that I don't even want to know the origin of. Insulation that has turned to pixie dust. Droppings that---lets just let that one go. I have issues. And there's nothing like finding out how your house is REALLY put together. Nothing like finding out all the shortcuts the builders evidently took, and then slapped paneling over it to hide it. How it's withstood all these hurricanes is an act of God.

Oh yeah. It's been a joy.

So while we thought it would be slightly simpler, pulling off old, putting up sheetrock. We have had to spend alot of time rebuilding and bracing the insides of the walls beforehand. And then while we thought (again) that we'd just reface the bar area, we found out MacGyver made it with popscicle sticks and duct tape, so we ripped that out completely and hubby is going to build a whole new one.

We're not entirely sure how much we like each other right now. Stress has turned us into mindless lunatics. We're just saying "I love you" alot. Just randomly. I think to anchor it somehow so we don't forget that we're supposed to! LOL!

I got a little writing done here and there. I think roughly 700ish words on new wip. No new queries on previous book. But I did do an outline on the new one last night, since the TV was on (yeah, distraction!) and I could manage that much.

How was everyone's weekend?


Janna Qualman said...

Oh my gosh, I so feel you on this. I was crabby and so super-stressed with our remodeling (and we're getting ready to start new projects, so you can imagine my excitement). Fortunately for my hubby, my main issues aren't with him, but the contractor. Can' *deep breath*

Yay for progress on the WIP! I think moving forward in any way is the most important thing. :)

Rebecca Nazar said...

I feel your pain. I endured a kitchen remodel three years ago. My house is 140 years old--lots and lots and lots of horsehair plaster had to be ripped out. Good luck :-)

Sharla said...

Oh lord, Rebecca, WOW. You are my hero.

kimmirich said...

Sharla, be careful with what you're breathing, sweetie. Wear a mask.
And remodeling is a true test if the marriage. ; )

Sharla said...

Ohhhhh yeah, Kimmi, been wearing those lovely little masks. And safety glasses so between the two they fog up and with the baseball cap it's quite a look. I should take a picture. LOL

Melissa Marsh said...

Had a great weekend - lots of editing done! Wish I had one more day, though. :-)

The only remodeling project the ex and I took on was recarpeting and repainting the living room. And we managed to stay sane through that one. But any further and who knows... ;-)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Can you say 16 years of remodeling our 60+ y.o. house (which had one small bathroom), 2 stepkids and 3 kidlets? I told DH when we moved I'd NEVER remodel anything again. It never ends.

Weekend consisted of babysitting a 2 y.o. great nephew, working at middle son's baseball games, care giving at my parents', and trying to get a few chores done at home. But I did attend/read at the 11th Annual Women & History Poetry gathering yesterday. Very nice!