Saturday, April 4, 2009

Control freak or flower child?

Not impressed with the writing for March. Started with a bang and ended with a "immpfffffff..." April has to be better. I kinda hit a stagnant place, and I have some ideas but when I pull it up, it's like the wires aren't connecting. I read something recently about an author that just writes randomly, crazy, whatever flies out of her. Then goes back later to edit. I'm so in awe of that. I always feel like it has to be almost final as I write it. I hate that. I want to be free! I want to be random and crazy. I want to turn the editor off and just babble. Hmmm. Possible? I don't know.

What kind of first draft writer are you? Can you put random free-prose on the page and keep going? Or do you edit as you go?

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Rebecca Nazar said...

I am the poster child for self-editing. I just can't help myself. Thats why I haven't embarked on a novel: too exhausting. If I pick through 4,000 words over and over, how in the heck will I handle oodles more? I do have the saving grace of writing fantasy. The plots are fun, making the process easier.