Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things... Of course one of them is writing...and being productive at writing...but I haven't been doing too well at that so it's not on here. LOL.

My coffee cup I bought in Las Vegas on my honeymoon...use it every morning...and it's red. So that should be enough.

My little antique-y looking clock that's on my dresser in my room...just love this.

My mom's house when it was still my mom's house for 50+ years. Before she and my dad passed away (dad's truck in the driveway). Before it belonged to the new owners who have now improved everything. It was where I could just walk in the front door and be home. It's across the street from me, so I see the "new" every day. It's nice to have this pic to remember how it was.

My little yeller flowers! :) They're so happy.

Sample of new paint going in our kitchen. I'm getting paint! This is so friggin exciting I could almost swim in it!

My Ruby. She doesn't like her picture taken.

This donkey pic from Gumbo Writer's page a while back! I loved it so much I printed it and put it on my office door. You wouldn't believe the quantity of people that stop and laugh and actually ask me if this is my donkey. "Yes, I keep him in the laundry room."

Speaking of Laundry Room----I don't have a pic but it's going to be painted RED! I found the color last night at Sherwin Williams. It's called Bolero Red. Doesn't that just sound nasty?? I love it!

And speaking of nasty... okay maybe not, but he's just smokin' hot. My favorite celebrity. Alex O'Loughlin, from the now cancelled Moonlight. Oh honey, he is just so much more than fine. He had to make the list.

Oh, sorry.


Lynnette Labelle said...

I don't know what I like more: the donkey pic or the comments you've gotten from it. LOL

Lynnette Labelle

Travis Erwin said...

The pirate in my likes that mug, but I've had my fill of painting.

Janna Qualman said...

I'd love to have a donkey in my laundry room! ;)

Great list, Sharla.

DebraLSchubert said...

Love your favorite things. I could do a post that includes ONLY my favorite male things, well not their things, but the actual males themselves. (hah!) Now that would be a nice post...(she said wistfully grinning).

Kathryn Magendie said...

Love your favorite things! *smilin*

and I LOVE red!

that donkey is purty dang cute, too...teehee

Linda said...

Love your favorite things too! Mind if I join the favorite thing party that's happening in blogland?