Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Want to make me batty? Do this.

Three things that absolutely drive me up a tree:

1) Whistling. Not the HEY come over here I'm trying to get your attention...or even the HEY you're hot... those are okay. But the walking around, hands in your pockets whistling a tune kind of whistling. I can't explain it but it gives me a twitch from hell. My coworker that helps me out does this, she comes in my office to file, and whatever song is on my radio, she starts whistling it. It's like head-to-desk "please god, sing the freakin' song already, do a jig if you have to, but QUIT!!!" Of course this is all my head. And I'm never able to dive for the radio in time to turn it off.

2) Jingling keys or change in pockets. What is it with guys that once they come to a complete stop and stand rooted, that their hands have to keep moving? Have to jingle whatever is in their pockets. I don't need to watch them play with their pants [eeek!] and I certainly don't need the audio.

3) Taking 15 minutes to tell a 30-second fact. Sitting back, staring at the ceiling, holding up a finger to let all know that something profound is coming, and starting with "Let me say it like this. (pause) Really. I'm gonna tell you something. (pause) And I mean it. (pause) This is something you need to know."
I have already exited the building on this grand build up to nothingness. Maybe I'm a horrible impatient person, but I'm wanting to shake this person till their teeth rattle.

(Oh my god, the change jingling guy is standing at my door, I feel my head start to spin in place. )

I think I need to create this character to drive my MC crazy. A change-jingling whistling freak that can't spit out a story to save his life. I'll feel her pain!! :)

What drives YOU nuts? What twitches do you have?


Melissa Marsh said...

1) Really, really loud cars and motorcycles. If I'm sitting outside eating and one of those goes by, I feel my blood boil.

2) People who tell jokes constantly and have to make humorous remarks about EVERYTHING and they are NOT FUNNY.

I'm sure there are more, but I'm in a halfway good mood today. ;-)

Rebecca Nazar said...

Sneezing fits. Hate them. If you can't sneeze three times and be free and in the clear from whatever is up in those nostrils, well . . . of course I married a man who could hold a world record in sneezing fits. One of these days I'm gonna put him out of his misery.

Janna Qualman said...

You should absolutely make a character, with all three of those traits. Who doesn't know someone so annoying? It would be so relatable!

*whistles to the hottie*

I'm bothered by... hmm, I know there's lots... but I'm mercifully stupid of them right now.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I think Virginia Kate said she hated whistling more than bloody liver *laughing* -Vk doesn't have many of my traits - but I admit that is one of mine - WHISTLING ugh ugh! and winkers! There are a couple of winks that do not bother me, but I can't explain them -I know em when I see em *laugh*

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great fodder for your characters!

Not too much drives me batty. Must be my old age and fried nerves. :)