Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All about Quirky today

Word of the day..."quirky". I like it. It's fun, and your voice gets that guttural chirpy German thing going when you say it. Okay, maybe German and chirpy don't really go together, but you get my drift. Say it a bunch of times fast, just gets annoying.

Found a quirky little site today, where you post stories in six words, kind of fun and they also have story projects for longer works. Just a fun place to go when you're messing around the internet and not writing...because you know you will. You will. :)

Go to Deidre Knight's blog to enter a giveaway contest for Dakota Cassidy's book Accidentally Dead, a quirky mix of dentistry and vampires... you heard me. It sounds funny, and her newest book Kiss and Hell sounds even better...

If you've never gone to Jennifer Weiner's blog A Moment of Jen, (she's one of my all time fave authors--I've read Good in Bed 555 times just for the line about overweight women getting stereotyped as overfed sheep...oh my god, laughed my a** off. Well, not really. Unfortunately it's still there. Baaaa.) you need to go there. She's quirky. She's smart, witty, hilarious, and I have watched her rise from a relative newbie like many of us--- to stardom.

And not necessarily quirky, per se, but very interesting, is this article in Writers Digest about the pros and cons of blogging. How it can help your career if done correctly...and hurt you if not.

Okay, I feel very productive now. I wrote an entire entry about writing, did some linky things, and didn't mention my kitchen once. Okay, once.

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Rebecca Nazar said...

Whoa, blogging is a waste of time for 90% of authors--ouch. Well, I'm not sure about that, but there's no denying it's a nice place to hang out.