Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the alarm clock is a little less evil...

Last night I wrote 1000 words longhand and transcribed them into the computer this morning before work... Have to say, this new morning routine is working for me. It's like magic in the early morning to get all that typed in to see what the number will be...LOL. And it seems that now that I have an outline to follow, I can write amidst the chaos of my house noise longhand where I can't on the computer. When I type, it has to be perfect, whereas my longhand is messy and scribbly and there are scratchouts and arrows and little notes on the side.

I just might have found the magic formula!

Whatever the case, I've written over 4000 words in 4 days.

On another thought, I'm deep into character traits right now. I pick them up everywhere and write them down, for use now or later or maybe never, but I can't help myself when I hear a great line or quirky little something someone does.

-music preference or talk radio...(stole this from Elana's post...had some great stuff on character research...too funny, girl)
-chew gum
-someone thinking they are funny but not
-nervous tics
-eye contact or look away
-coffee drinker or coke (soda for those not in Texas)
-rough working hands or soft and manicured
-hat or no hat
-text or phone calls

What are some of your favorites?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Wooo.hooo to unlocking the writing path!

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow - awesome word count. Way to go!