Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm meelllllltttttinng!!!!!

Ya know...when it rains it pours. And when it ain't rainin', it's dry. Dry as that old worn out, chalky white bone sitting in my backyard guessed hasn't rained. In two weeks. Veggies and grass and everything green is sagging and not-so-green under the wilting 104 degree heat. Well, let me take that back... it's only 99 today. Whoo hoo, a cold front!

The same could be said for my blogging and writing. When I do it, I do it. I even talk about doing it...kinda like now. My guilt kicks in and I have to do something about it. Oddly enough, I feel worse about not blogging than I do about not writing---and there is seriously something wrong with that! But I do! I feel like I let my followers down and they'll stop checking in, and that I'm missing out on what everyone I'M following is doing. It's like being in high school again, I swear. "Yeah, I'm sick but I can't miss school, Mom. Not because of the test in third period, but because I might miss the good gossip at lunchtime!"

So, to see if anyone even still comes by (LOL), how was your holiday? Do anything fun?

We sat in the hottub and watched the kids pop fireworks, praying they didn't aim them at us.

And I painted trim. And helped my daughter pack for Austin. And called the granite guy. And painted doors. And sent my daughter on her way. And antiqued my kitchen cabinets. And called the granite guy. And painted baseboards. And watched a Sunday marathon of Little House on the Prairie while I painted baseboards. And called the granite guy. And sat in the hot tub again while talking about calling the granite guy.

And today? I'm at work and my husband is at home with the granite guy. And if all the stars align, I will go home today to new countertops!!!!!!! But I don't want to jinx it.


Janna Qualman said...

Ooh, granite?! And I can't wait to see the antiqued cabinets!

We had kind of a bummy weekend. Our area's fireworks were supposed to be Friday night, and they got rained out. We had family and friends in all weekend, so by the time Saturday rolled around, we were too tired to watch other people's fireworks at dusk. :(

Rebecca Nazar said...

Glad to hear your kitchen is coming together. Sorry about the weather. Nothing but rain here, go figure.

Melissa Marsh said...

I had a nice weekend at home with the family. Wish I could have stayed a few extra days!