Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Characters on the loose...and linkage

I've been wrestling my characters the last couple of days because they are wanting to mix things up a little. One in particular keeps throwing things out there that I can't take back and are making me have to re-structure the puzzle. Part of me wishes they'd hush and take direction, and the other part giggles and sits back and enjoys the ride. I secretly love it when they come alive and do their thing. See, now non-writers would read that and have me committed. I know you all understand.

Okay, since I have to work (they pay me) and then I have to deal with mouthy characters, I'm just doing some linkage today. Enjoy!

Thanks to Gumbo Writer, I linked up with Poets&Writers Magazine today, and I put one of their links Top Ten Topics for Writers on my favorites. It has so much info, too good not to share in case you haven't checked it out.

Fans of Suzanne Brockmann, author of Hot Pursuit, can go to Barnes and Noble Center Stage this week and participate in the Q&A.

Fans of Richard Russo can read a great interview with him here.

Finally, Rebecca Sutton had a great post asking how writing changes your life. Really makes you have to think back to when you consciously made the decision. Did you? I've been writing all my life in SOME way, and knew I had a knack for it, but never called myself a writer till the last couple of years.


Lazy Writer said...

Thanks for the links! And I love it when my characters do that. I'm hoping mine will show up today because my muse sure isn't!

Janna Qualman said...

I'd have to be committed right alongside ya. ;)

colbymarshall said...

I love to ride along with mine, but sometimes I end up having to give 'em a good smack just to remind them who's boss :-)

Kathryn Magendie said...

I'll check out those links, thank you.....I had a "how do writers label themselves" post today ....

I want to see what Rebecca says about how it changes you and your life - I see this already with the release of TG - before there were somethings changing, but nothing like the publishing of a novel to set some things rolling rolling rolling downhill quite danged fast....or is that uphill? *laugh*

I get you about the characters - sometimes they make a mess and I go ARGH! dont' do that! or don't die or don't live or don't be interested in that person or ... don't move there, don't stay there...laughing