Friday, August 28, 2009


So sorry my fellow bloggity bloggers, I've been sadly awol the last week. Haven't even been on Facebook all that much, so you know I've been busy!!

1) School started. And high school is kicking my posterior. You'd think I was the one starting high school instead of my crazy girl. I've been running around being the psycho one, while she relaxes. Why does she relax? Because she knows I'll do the running around being the psycho one. Yep.

2) My husband returned from a 4 day ACTS men's retreat with the church, and we have been kind of re-connecting with our faith ever since. Talking alot about that sort of thing. I can't wait to go on a women's one. Sounds awesome.

3) I hit a snag on my wip that's frustrating me and yet I continue to sit and stare at it. Problem is, I wrote a scene some time ago, jumping ahead, and knowing I'd use it later. Now it's "later" and I'm trying to insert it where I think it should go, but the writing I've done now makes it not quite line up, and so I'm fighting myself and now I'm thinking just to scrap that whole scene and take up where I left off.

I'd like to say that will be tonight, but tonight is the first high school football game, and Crazy Girl is now in the marching band so we will be there. For those in Texas, you understand the high school football insanity. For those non-Texans, it's a religion here. You start going to games when you're 2, and you still have the same season tickets when you are 92. The town empties out during state championships out of town. It's bizarre. But it's home.

Gotta go don the purple and white. Go Indians!!


Lazy Writer said...

I understand! Here in Kansas, it's a religon, too. And my daughter is on the drill team (which is the dance team that marches with the marching band, didn't know if they have that in Texas or not...). My daugter started high school, too, and I'm also running around being all crazy!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Our local high school started up the football team ten years ago. Whoa, is it catching on. Soccer is big here still. The high school I attend was a big football town. Great memories.