Saturday, September 12, 2009

Help! I'm lost in the woods and brain dead!

The problem with the below post where I got all that writing that I did so because I let my muse take over and have fun. And while that is fantastic, in doing that I deviated from my outline and messed up some orders of things and now I'm kinda--stumped.

Spent all day today staring at a page, then staring at the outline, then walking away and checking Facebook and playing Bejeweled and checking Facebook again. Checked some blogs. Did laundry, stared at the outline again. Watched several hours of VH1 reality shows and one really lame 80's movie...and I love 80's movies. Went to Walmart and got lost because they are revamping everything, and while I was lost I studied one weird individual talking to the pet food, thinking I could make them a minor character. Came home and stared at the page some more, stared at the outline some more, checked Facebook, and now I'm here.

A whole day of zero writing all because I took that dirt road exit that we all want to take, just to see where it goes. And now I'm lost in the woods somewhere with no idea how to get back to the highway. Or which exit to take once I get back there.

But the dirt road was good, I have to say.

Where's my Tom-Tom when I need it.


Amy Sue Nathan said...

Why not see where that magnet in your imagination takes you? I don't bother outlining anymore...I make notes here and there with ideas and then I close my eyes. And type.

It's good to give yourself a day off though - that's tomorrow for me. I did 60 pages of editing today and my eyes are a-sizzlin'.

Sharla said...

I'm weird though, if I go without an outline, it means massive editing later, and I did that on my first one. Swore never to be that unstructured again!! LOL

I'll go a little off base of it here and there, that's okay. but I went WAY off in right field, so now I'm going.... helloooooooo?

Woke up today with a new take so hopefully I can fit the time in. Unfortunately THIS was to be my day off, because of errands. Not yesterday. I had no hubby and no distractions yesterday, so it was supposed to be my big writing day. Blah!!! LOL

Lazy Writer said...

Sometimes I think we go off track for a reason. I do it all the time. I've found that usually the new story line is better than the old one. Good luck getting back on track.

Lorna said...

You never know what that dirt road will turn up for you later. The Walmart pet-product mumbler was intriguing.

Kathryn Magendie said...

*laughing* I've had days like that, especially earlier in the manuscript -- teehee :)

I'm also laughing at your comment you left on my blog about when you are "done" haw!