Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Are you eating turkey tomorrow? I am and I'm not. Where I'm going, they are having cabbage rolls. Don't even ask. But it's okay, because I'm making a turkey and ham and sweet potatoes to come home to that night to get my traditional meal. Because it's just not right if you don't have turkey leftovers for sandwiches. It may not even be legal.

ANYWAY!!! I have started reading a book today, that gives me mixed feelings. It's fun and witty and it is laid out well... but my writerly voice keeps poking me. Without naming names...this is a very well known and trendy author, that receives alot of buzz. I've never read anything by this author till now, and I was excited to start one. Like I said, the writing is witty and enjoyable and right up my alley. But the writer in me keeps pointing and saying, "What the heck? You'd get slammed for that!"

What I'm talking about is massive info dumping. Huge. The kind of huge that if we as unknown writers did this and submitted to a critique group, the red pens would fly. A prologue and first chapter that is so laden with it, that you almost cringe.

I'm reading this thinking... this is a major author, so I'm going to keep reading, and the story is great and I'm hooked, but my lord I know of some people who would rake this over the coals if this was submitted anonomously.

Which makes me think, why did the rules not apply? I think that with some movies too. I watch every TV show and movie with the writing in mind. I'll watch movies and immediately think about the people writing it. Either it's brilliant writing or I'll think wow, someone wrote that and sold it? How?

Do you ever think of this? Are there any books you read and wonder how they got in "the club" doing the same no-no's we are constantly told not to do? Just curious.

Not that it changes anything. I'll still keep plugging away, always working to better my craft, trying to find the yellow brick road! LOL!

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Janna Qualman said...

I understand. Maybe this style/technique has been grandfathered in? Or deadlines were so tight that certain things were overlooked? As if I know, but I agree it doesn't make sense.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sharla!