Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are you ready???

Are you ready? Because the big day is only six days away. Are you ready?

Now here's another question....have you enjoyed it?

I did. This year, I did. Usually I'm scraping and clawing and swallowing Tylenol to get me through the insanity of Christmas shopping and all its chaos. But this year was different. Yes, I still hit the malls with all the other crazy people, and stood in obnoxious lines, but I had a different attitude.

I chose to enjoy it. I chose to have fun shopping with my daughter. I chose to recognize the real reason for the season.... saw a tee shirt that said "Hey Jesus! It's your birthday!" And thought that was pretty cool!!

Now my hubby didn't have the greatest of experiences....basically because he waited till today and hit Wally-world with the other panicked masses. But hey, that's what happens when you wait till the last shopping weekend before Christmas and then think it's going to be a quick run.

But for me... I'm relaxed. My shopping is done. My presents are wrapped. Stocking stuffers are stuffed away in hiding. All I have to do is drink spiced tea and bake. And wait for the big day, which in our house starts out with going to get the baby Jesus from the nativity scene and sing him Happy Birthday while we're all piled in one bed. No one gets cut loose till we do that.

So.....are you ready? And what's your Christmas morning tradition?


Linda said...

Yes I am ready. We did much of our Christmas celebrating at Thanksgiving when we travelled to see two of our children, their spouses, and our precious grandchildren. Our Christmas will be quiet - the way I like it. The two of us, first ones up on the street, because hubby can't wait to get to his stocking! This year, I've enjoyed every moment - perhaps having a grandchild changes one's perspective on things.

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