Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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what's stopping you?

That is a blog topic from Wendy Lawton at Books & Such, and it really hit home with me...especially here at New Year's Resolution Time...otherwise known as NYRT Syndrome.

You know...that feeling that you have to commit to something that you WILL actually commit to. That you WILL NOT blow off. That you will round out the next December saying "Yes! I did it!"

Have you ever done that?

I actually have, once, but that's another subject...LOL.

Anyway, Wendy's post lists all the common reasons we stop writing. And why we should step past those road blocks and plod along. Because until we are dead and cold in the ground, there is no viable reason we shouldn't follow our passion and do what we are driven to do. For us writers, that is telling the stories that the characters in our heads need to tell. So go check out the's a good one.

On another quick note...GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI by Jill Myles was released yesterday, and there is a blog tour in progress through Jan 27th. It started yesterday over at Amy Bai's blog, which hosted a fabulous interview with Jill. Today, the tour continues at Shelli Johannes-Wells' blog, and tomorrow....well, go check it out and find out where tomorrow goes! LOL. I must go write... So before I go, my NYRT twitch is going to be 1) get in shape (yeah, I know, that's original) and 2) finish this novel and start a 3rd and get something accepted. That something can be novels or short stories, but at least something in print!!

What is your NYRT????

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Janna Qualman said...

Happy New Year, Sharla! Thanks for the links.

I'm with you. Doing, writing, finishing, getting accepted, all that. Here's to us!