Sunday, December 27, 2009

Surprises and bling

Did your Christmases go well? Ours was wonderful. The kids made out like bandits. My husband was pleasantly surprised.... I was pleasantly surprised!!! And I never get surprised, normally I either buy my own gifts or they parade me around the mall till I point at something. This year, I wrote down some ideas and they were on their own....and they surprised me and it was FANTASTIC!!! I love surprises. And my husband really blew me away.

Bought me this..

Pic is kinda fuzzy but you get the idea...didn't he do good? I was so shocked...and completely outdone because he went WAY over our agreed upon limit, but wow. Just, wow.

What did YOU get? I love hearing about everybody's gifts!!!!

Now, about writing.... I started using yWriter5, and I'm not sure about it yet. I'm transferring over my ms, scene by scene right now, and I THINK it's going to be good, but hopefully I'm not wasting time with this. We'll see.


Tamika: said...

Glad to hear you and your family had a Merry Christmas!

yWriter5? Clue me in... Please!

Sharla said...

Tamika, yWriter is a free writer software (version 5 is the latest) that organizes your novel into scene blocks, so that you focus on each scene. It tracks characters for you and has some nifty little tools like word usage (pointing out repetition) and something that really drew me in was the storyboard tool. That hasn't turned out as well as expected, that part is kinda enhhh. But I'm hoping the rest is helpful.

Melissa Marsh said...

Beautiful ring! I received some nice jewelry, pajamas (I desperately needed them!), a very cool t-shirt that says "Be Careful or You'll End Up in my Novel" and a few other goodies.