Friday, January 1, 2010

Yesterday + 1 = brand new year

Status: Quiet time with recliner, blankie, and dog...
White Noise: Clock ticking over my head

Good morning and happy happy new year!!! Hmmm, you know, 2010 doesn't feel much different than 2009 did yesterday. But that's not the point. It IS different. It's starting over. Starting new. Starting from scratch.

Last year, I "resoluted" to query my first book. And boy, did I. I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and sent my very first query out on January 1, 2009. And then felt sick.

Anyone else feel that their first time? Throwing your work out there?

Now, I'm not going to list how many I sent since...because that's just depressing...instead I'm focusing on what I start this year and this day with. This time around. I'm waist deep into a new book, and have 90% committed to the free writers' software yWriter. You write everything in scenes or chapters, however you want to set it up. I don't chapter as I go, so I'm making each file a scene. What's cool is you get this page listing in front of you all the time of all the names of your scenes that you can move around, even from chapter to chapter if need be.

Where I tend to get stuck writing in Word if I can't think of what is next, (because I can't write out of order) for some reason in yWriter, maybe because it's a visual thing, the scenes look individual and I CAN write out of order. I wrote a scene yesterday that comes much later. I normally can't do that. Now it may need tweaking when I get there, but that's's there, it's out of my head, I can move on.

Last night, I set up the scene files with just headings, so it works kind of like an outline, I can click on each one and work in it.

I wasn't sure about this when I downloaded it. And I still haven't tried the importing into Word function, which will be important. It says it does it and I'm hoping. But right now, it's playing a mental / visual game with me that's working.

And it's free. Hellooooooo?

How are you starting your day...your year... Are you continuing on, letting 2009 flow seamlessly into 2010.... or are you starting from scratch?