Friday, February 5, 2010

Coming home

Hey my bloggity peeps!!!! I've been lurking, but couldn't come up with a good exciting post, till today. Well, I don't know how exciting it is, but interesting anyway.

In my current wip, my mc is 40 and having to move back to her hometown. When she drives into town, there is a certain amount of nostalgia, noticing how some things have aged and how others still look the same shade of old.

I did this myself, having to move back to my hometown several years ago, from across the country, and experienced that feeling you get of coming home but everything seems older, shabbier, smaller...not quite how you remembered it.

On that note, my brother sent me the absolute coolest link HERE. I really don't know how they did it....kind of a "big brother is watching" kind of thing I guess. But you can put in any address, anywhere, and as long as the map on the right shows it in BLUE streets, there are photographs of the location, and you can hit little arrows to "walk" down the street, walk in a circle and get the full neighborhood. So bizarre and so cool. I was able to find my old Colorado house I moved from to come back home to Texas. (sniff) Check it out! Have fun!

And what type of "coming home" stories do you possess? What did you notice? Or what have your characters noticed if you done this?