Friday, February 12, 2010

Open Season, part two

See, here's the thing. I think I've figured out the problem with my writing time. By that, I mean the problem with what I call writing time and what everyone else around me calls writing time.

We have different clocks!

Or not so much different thoughts on what the clock should say when I'm done.

Here's the scene... I get home from work, hubby says lets just do leftovers tonight, everyone is on their own, nobody has to cook. Cool. Awesome. Hubby wants to slug it with the tv for awhile, so I take that opportunity to get some writing time in.

Hubby: "So what are you going to do? "
Me: "Well, there's what I should do and what I want to do. "
Hubby: "Like what? "
Me: "I want to write, but I have this...and that... "
Hubby: "Go write. Take the time. That stuff can wait. "
Me: (twist my arm. gets notebook and pen and heads to living room recliner with blankie.)

----five minutes in----

Daughter: "Whatcha doin? "
Me: "Writing. "
Daughter: "I was thinking we could all watch something together off DVR. "
Me: "We will later, okay? "(guilt. feels like Cruella Deville) "I'm grabbing some writing time. Haven't been able to write much the past couple of weeks. "
Daughter: (hangs head) "Okay."
Me: "Ugh! Don't do that! "
Daughter: (laughing) "Well, can I read what you have so far? "
Me: (stops, puts notebook down, pulls up file on laptop and hands it over. She's a major reader, so what the heck, right? There's no sex scenes yet.)

----daughter gets settled in on couch----

Daughter: (giggles)
Me: "What?"
Daughter: "Nothing, I just like this part with the dog. "
Me: (looks at my current scene again...where was I? Oh yeah, mc has to--)
Daughter: "Oh man, Dani's dad is made up from Paw Paw, isn't he? "
Me: "Yep. " (Okay, mc is under stress here, she jumps out of the car, listens to--)
Daughter: "So is Riley me?"
Me: (looking up with annoyance) "The obnoxious parts, yeah."
Daughter: (rolls her eyes and giggles...goes back to reading)

----15 min later----

Hubby: (walks in) "What are yall doing?"
Me: (looking up, thinking it's obvious but maybe it isn't.) "Writing. She's reading. "
Hubby: "Oh." (walks back out)
Daughter: (giggles again)
Me: (intrigued, I have to admit) "What?"
Daughter: "I like the snarky comments in here. Sounds like you. "
Me: "Yeah, go figure."
Daughter: (giggles again)
Me: (trying to ignore, but I'm dying to know what's funny)

----30 min later----

Me: (heavy into a scene...heavy into some snappy dialogue....)
Hubby: (walks in and stands there)
Me: (feeling the presence, tear myself away) "Yes?"
Hubby: (smiling) "Am I gonna have to spend the whole night in there by myself?"
Me: ( a panic...searching for the clock...has it been hours? Because sometimes I can do that and not know it) "What? How long have I been here? "
Hubby: "I don't know, but I thought we were gonna watch something. "
Me: (seeing it had been less than an hour, blinking) "But--wasn't I--didn't you--didn't we agree I was going to write? "
Hubby: "Yeah, but you did, didn't you?"
Me: (mouth working but no sound)
Hubby: (putting a hand out to pull me up) "Come on, let's go watch Fringe. I've been waiting for you. "
Me: "Um. Okay. (pointing at my notebook) I was really kinda-- "
Hubby: "Bring it with you. "
Me: "Doesn't work like that. "
Daughter: "I thought you were writing! "
Me: "I was. "
Daughter: "Oh, he wants to watch something and you will, but you wouldn't for me? "
Me: (mentally driving a fork through my forehead and smiling) "How are you liking it? "
Daughter: "It's good. Can I keep reading?"
Me: "Sure. "

Fringe was awesome. So was Shark Tank. And the last thirty minutes of Desperado.


Melissa Marsh said...

The guilt, the guilt! I have so been through this with my daughter. I want to write, and have the laptop all fired up, but then she asks me if I want to play Mario Kart or, as she says in her most innocent voice, "do something fun together." I can never resist.

Janna Qualman said...

"There's no sex scenes yet." ROFL!

Loved this post, Sharla. The time passes differently for us, doesn't it?

colbymarshall said...

Amen, sistah. I think someone is watching me so the SECOND I sit down to write, my cell phone rings. Conspiracy.

The Unbreakable Child said...

Ahh, (((Sharla))) I understand this scene all too well. Love that your daugh likes to read it though.