Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Query Critiquing Contest and what's your weirdness?

HERE YE ,  HERE YE ....Go over to Elana's blog right now. She and Shelli Johannes-Wells are having kind of a joint contest (so go there too).  A Pay It Forward Query Critique Contest.....yay!.....where you enter to get a chance to win some really cool prizes....not the least of which is a posted critique from one of five agents (go there to see who....did you not go there yet?)   You have to enter at both locations, and you get extra entries for things like posting at your own blog, posting a FB or twitter comment...etc.

Go now....

And on a completely unrelated note, what do you HAVE to have with you when you write?  We all have some pretty odd little quirks that make us creative.  For instance...if I'm writing longhand, I have to be in my living room recliner with a blanket all jumbled up on my lap, my red (if you know me, you know red is important) notebook, and a medium point blue pen.  Has to be blue and medium.  I'm OCD about that.  I have to have a) coffee if it's morning  b) sweet tea if it's not. 

What are your weirdities??