Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you have a Mrs. Kravitz?

Do you ever wish you could choose your neighbors?

I mean, other than moving.  Let's not get crazy.

Are you in a tightly stacked neighborhood where you can almost reach out your window and scratch your neighbor's wall?  Are in an apartment where you share your neighbor's wall?  Or are you out on sprawling land with lots of space?

I ask this as a blog post for Red Room, where the blog topic this week is about "neighbors".  And while I was originally going to talk about an experience I had years ago in an apartment with a neighbor that kept calling the cops on me at 2am every morning for mythical loud music that didn't exist...*deep breath*... I decided not to go there.  This post could get very long if I did.  LOL!

Instead, I was thinking about my different kinds of neighborhoods.  At home I live in a standard suburban type older neighborhood, where driveways are out front so you see your neighbors all the time.  I've lived where there are back alleyways, which makes the yards look nicer with no cars, but I had no clue who my neighbors were. 

I have way too much information on my neighbors now.  LOL!  It is a people watching place.  All types of personalities, all types of voice octaves....and I know this from hearing things not meant to be heard.  Lots of kids, which is cool.  Interesting to see what used to be young kids, like my daughter, semi adults now and the new wave of children running the block.  There used to be a Mrs. Kravitz-type down the street, who knew me and every other person that ever grew up in that block (I live now across the street from the house I grew up in.  After state-hopping for 15 yrs.  Who knew?)  and could tell you everything you did as a kid and everything everyone was doing now.  She has since passed, and her son has filled her sweet-but-very-nosy shoes.

At work, I have office neighbors with a variety of personalities and issues and extravert/intravert tendencies.  You can stand back and watch the kitchen in the morning and see who the aggressors are for that coffee and who stands back and waits.  Who leaves the dredges and who steps up and makes the next pot.  Who talks privately on their phones and who advertises their business for the whole floor.

Online, I have neighbors too.  Or I feel like I do.  All the blogs I follow and who follow me...we're all neighbors, dropping in on each other to see what's going on, giving support when needed, getting a laugh when needed.  I feel these are the best neighbors of all. 

Maybe because I choose them!  LOL.  That could be why! 


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh dear. I have had neighbor issues I think in every single apartment complex I've lived in. My current downstairs neighbor and I were in a war for awhile. She kept complaining about my daughter making noise, even though it wasn't during quiet hours. I finally had enough and wrote her a stern note telling her if she didn't like hearing people walking around on her ceiling, then she could MOVE to a third floor apartment just like I did!!!

ChristaCarol said...

I'm such a recluse. Well, sort of. I mean, when I'm out, heck, I'm all in your face, but I've become a big homebody since writing, and kids, and doing so much crap. I don't have time to socialize, people! ;) Anyway, the only neighbors I'm really close with are the moms that live next to me and behind me. No interesting stories, really. LOL. And I realized, for some reason, your blog left my blogroll (WTH?) I was searching for it so I could check up on you and realized it wasn't there. Fixed. :)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Where we live now, we do not have many full time neighbors ...the neighbor who lives near us we are very lucky to have and really like them - they are a lot like us about this mountain cove, so that is good!

In my "city life" I've had some neighbors I'd rather have not had, what interested me is how we could live in a neighborhood and never even get to know, much less see, some of our neighbors! But look at blogs - I know people from Cyprus and Canada and Scotland and beyond! :) cool

and I'm glad you are my neighbor!

OfficeGirl said...

None of my neighboors speak english and they only come out at night. In fact last night, I was outside smoking, as usual, and they were packing their pick up truck with the contents of their house. Which was weird because when I came outside the next day the truck was still there with all the stuff in it.
If I were them I would have just drove off...I mean you packed all that crap, why not just leave?