Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I wasn't a math person for a reason...and fridge contents...

How are you doing on your goals??

If I didn't have a particular date looming over my head, I'd be thrilled to death with my dedication lately.

I've been averaging 1000 words a night lately, which is awesome on its own.  Would have been awesome a few months ago....but right now when I'm trying so desperately to get done before April 9th (conference) which is now less than a month away, I just did the math...and it's not promising.

*bangs head on desk*

I need to average 1200 a day in a perfect world to finish.  And when I look at my calendar of "real life" and see the days I will not be able to write anything because of other obligations, it takes my 29 days down to 22 days, needing an average of 1500 a day (hyperventilating).  And that's just to finish.  Not counting editing, revision, query, synopsis, pitch.  So let's say, (without laughing) that I just take another five days off for that, since I'll just go without sleeping and operate on delirium and caffeine....and that brings me to 2100 wds per day (you can laugh now) needed to pull this magic off.

Now, that just takes my puny little 1000/day and gives it the hand.

I knew I hated math for a reason.

Okay, done venting!!!  Done dividing!  Wish I could say I'm writing but I'm at work, so oddly enough I can blog but not write.  Something's wrong with that.

So back to the are YOU doing on your goals, and to take an idea from Janna and her randomness today...quick...what drinks always live in your fridge?


T. Anne said...

I can get caught up in the math of it too! Right now I'm content with 1500 take or leave a few hundred words. I'm working scene by scene.

Janna Qualman said...

Sharla, I think you're doing great! And even if you don't have a shiny, polished manuscript ready for the conference, you'll be close. And that will count for something.

LOL! Like your random question. It's a good'un. Always 2% milk, juice (usually apple), and kool-aid. Right now there's also Chai tea concentrate, brewed black tea, Capri Sun (two kinds), and half a pack of YooHoo. Wow, that's a lot!

sunna said...

1K/night? OMG, I am so jealous.

I've been betaing, which definitely takes away from my writing time, but even so, I'm not writing nearly as much or as fast as I'd like. I'm usually so confident of my endings, but this one is a bit of a bitch.

*self-pitying sigh*

ChristaCarol said...

Sharla, you are full of awesome, and OMG is this DFW conference or something else that starts on the 9th? Well, technically the 10th, but 9th has other stuff going on. Anyway, sidetracked lol. You can do it! When I was on a deadline like that, there were days I'd leave the house for several hours and knock out 3-4K. Not sure if it's possible for you to get out (or if you've tried) but maybe?

And the thing with the conference, as long as you have it done is the important part. You're not going to hand it over to them. After the pitch, if they're interested, it isn't like they'll be waiting for it when they get back. I've had agents mention 2 weeks to 6 months to get the requested materials to them (not that I'd ever wait 6 months, but you get the idea.)

OK, random question answers: milk, soy milk (baby lactose intolerant), OJ, V8 Fusion, Apple Juice, Capri Sun, Danimals drinkable yogurt, boxed wine! The Merlot kind.

Holy crap, how do I fit all of that in there?

Good luck! And send me an e-mail if you're going to this conference so we can meet up!

Anonymous said...

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LG said...


Goals?! progress yet, but spring break is here which hopfully means plenty of uninturupted writing time.

Now lets walk over to the fridge. Drinks seem to be all I see: water, oj, milk, apple juice, cranberry juice, sprite, sprite zero, capris sun, and pepsi.

Then comes the fun stuff: PACIFICO (beer), MALIBU, BAILEY'S (2 kinds), and WATERMELON PUCKER (I've been nursing these bottles for over a year now). Then in the freezer there's some VANILLA VODKA (originally for Jello shots, but did not combine well). If you then look at my kitchen counter you get to see the rest of the display including: SOUR APPLE PUCKER, HOT DAMN, JIM BEAM, an empty bottle of GREY GOOSE (it was the first bottle opened in the new house), an empty 'bottle' of CRYSTAL HEAD SKULL VODKA (he likes the skull shaped bottle), and the current pride and joy of the alcoholic collection...a 20 year old bottle of JAMESON (for St. Patty's Day).

Is it obvious that we don't have kids!? LOL!

Journaling Woman said...

I fall down on my goals all the time and become frustrated. THEN I just get back up on the goal-horse (new breed) and start again rather than give like I want to. Did you know that giving up is easier than starting again? But writers may say they will give up but -uh uh- no.

Drinks in fridge: Skim milk and Ice Tea -sometimes fruit juices.

Anonymous said...

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Casse said...

You can always have days where you marathon write non-stop every free second you have, even if its just 10 min blocks. On your free time just write even if the words doen't feel right. A write once told me "You can edit crap, you can't edit blank pages though."

I am boring but Ozarka water and coors light beer, is always in my fridge also some kind og wine. I am not a lush or anything.