Monday, March 8, 2010

Is it real? Or is it a black light poster?

Well, Crazy Girl is officially in the Happiest Place on Earth.  Where all dogs are not created equal....  but I'm walking away from that.

She's been gone for two days, on a trip with the high school band, in which every two years they get to go march in the Parade Of Dreams at Disneyworld.  I used to be in that band...mmmmany years ago.  The furthest we went was Austin.  And I live in Texas.  They evidently have it alot better now.

Anyway, I was excited for her, and I asked for lots of pics to be taken and sent home so I "feel like I'm there."  In two days, I've received texts saying "We're in Louisiana.  We're in Alabama.  We're in Florida.  We're in Disney!"

And the above pic that if you halfway close your eyes you can see it. 

And this one from the bus:  (mine's on the left)

and this one five minutes ago...(so maybe it's kicking in?  but this one scares me a little)

I mean, surely she's not buying it, right?

So anyway, I'm not "feeling like I'm there", you know?  I'm not seeing Disney.  Or Mickey.  Or Goofy or Pluto or Daffy or even a ride.  All I'm seeing is a blurry castle at night that could even be a picture of a picture for all I know.  What if she isn't even really there??  What if it's all a facade?

Sigh...need to go back to work now.  Need a vacation. 


Janna Qualman said...

Try not to worry! I'm sure she's having a great time. And there are chaperones. It's good!

We're going to FL and Disney in a couple weeks. We can swing down and pick you up on our way?

Sharla said...

Would ya???? That would be awesome. And I just realized I really meant Donald, not Daffy. LOL! I don't think Daffy hangs around the same crowd.

Anonymous said...
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Journaling Woman said...

We can't help but worry a wee bit. My daughter 27 just got back from Orlando. I tried not to think about her - yeah right.