Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ghosts and sexy spooky I come...

Okay, you'll notice things looking a little different.  Yep.  Today I attempted to work on something learned at the writing conference....which was about targeting your audience.

I had an agent ask me what kind of platform I have.  I said, "Well, I have Facebook and Twitter (kinda) and I have a blog." 

"How many readers does your blog generate?"

Blank look from me.  "Well--um--20 to 30 a day?  I think."

"Hmm, well, you need something more like 300 to be able to mention that as relevant, so what is your blog about?"

"Writing," I said proudly. 

She smiled and I was done.  Later I was talking to an author/presenter/all around guru who asked me the same thing.  Again, I said my blog was about writing.

She said, "Do you write about writing?"

"No, paranormal romance."

"Then why are you targeting other writers?  Are those 20 people going to buy your book?  Why aren't you plugging paranormal topics and tagging them to pull people from the internet that would be interested in following you and buying?  And tagging every post with your name and paranormal romance so it hits Google?  How am I going to know about you if you're blogging about writing tips?"

Crickets chirped. 

I never thought of that.  So that was one of my revamp my blog.  I could have opened another one, but I felt like that would be too busy, so I've decided there will still be some writing stuff here, but I'm going to mix it up with some relevant subject matter as well.  Keep coming by as I do this, and see what you think!


Janna Qualman said...

This is very, very good. I'm very impressed! And I'm going to take the advice to heart, too.


Kristen Lamb said...

Love it! Can't wait to subscribe! Love the tag line. I cannot WAIT to be scared out of my whits. See I AM a fan of scary stuff. I have a horror movie fetish.

I love watching scary movies after I have had a really bad day because it gives me perspective.

Yeah, I had my feelings hurt, but she had an AX buried in her chest! LOL...yeah, I am weird.

There is a blog topic for you...scariest movie of all time and why? That's tough.

Great start and keep me posted.