Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Magic Tree and 13 minutes

I'm at work and it is 2:47pm.  I've been watching that clock all day because I'm convinced it's been infused with (2:48) time depressants.  I don't know if that is a real word, but if not, I'm claiming it.  Time depressants.  An unexplainable slowing, crawling, of (2:49) minutes on the clock, which in reading this will probably not look so slow, but I'm typing really slow and answering calls and fielding coworker questions at the same time.  (2:50)

Last night I found myself in that same place as I sat in wait for my daughter to get out of dance.  That place of (2:51) waiting for something that was supposed to be there at 7:30, and their version of 7:30 is really 7:45.  You know the place.  Sitting there waiting, thinking of the second arm of the costume I have to line with sequins, the info sheets I need to make for the costume rack, the repairs I need to make to the ballet costume they are reusing and my daughter went from girl body to young woman body in one year. (2:53 whoo skipped one!)

And while I waited in said limbo, I watched a tree in the distance, silhouetted by dusk. 

(2:54)  It was blowing around in the wind, while we had no wind to speak of.  (2:55 people are talking to me)  All by itself.  The other trees (2:56 they aren't getting the hint) just sat there all still and proper, while this one bounced around and swayed and waved.  Seriously.  (2:57 maybe I should read this to them as I type, they'd probably go away)   I mean, where was that wind?  Did it have its own wind tunnel?  (Rrrrrr phone call 2:57---oop 2:58)

I sat there nearly dozing off, watching this rebel tree wave at me, all cocky and arrogant in its lone wiggly behavior, and imagined something like Avatar's Home Tree.  With a whole village of people living in it, all connected and trading energies.  I wanted to go there!  See what was giving it its life.  (3:02  whoo hoo time warp!)

Or maybe it was full of magic and calling to me?  Or maybe a giant troll was shaking it?  In any case, the (3:03) new 7:30-formerly-known-as-7:45 arrived, and I had to leave.  What would your imagination bring you to think about that crazy tree?

It's now 3:05. 


Kristi said...

Great photo and I loved, loved, loved your time warp post. I've SO BEEN THERE!

Actually, I think I was there today around 1:15. But I had no tree to stare at...only a computer screen. Boo!

Had I had such a tree to stare at it would have definitely have brought back memories of hikes in the mountains, my family, and my love of nature. And Avatar. Love that movie.

Fun post...Happy Wednesday!

Melissa Marsh said...

LOL! Oh, I can relate. I am forever having afternoons like that where time just crawls by. Blech.

colbymarshall said...

It makes me think of the Keebler Elf tree, lol! I like your Avatar thought, though!

Susan R. Mills said...

I'm always in a time warp like that. Sometimes, though, it goes the other way. Time is gone before I know it.

ChristaCarol said...

I'm both ways like Susan. LOVED this post. Made me giggle when people were talking to you ;) And I <3 Avatar!

Janna Qualman said...

LOL! Your notation of time is very creative and funny.

I love this post. It's very lovely, and I like the writerly side of you I see through it.

Billy Coffey said...

Time depressants. That's bloody brilliant. Love the way you wove the passage (or lack thereof!) into this post. Well done!

Nishant said...

I had no tree to stare at...only a computer screen.
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