Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Breakfast Club

In honor of school starting, here's a tribute to high school...everywhere.  It doesn't matter the location or status...the basics are always the same.  Princess, Jock, Nerd, Criminal, Basketcase.

Remember The Breakfast Club?

It has been 25 years since I was a high school student, but I remember it. 

The drama....especially for girls.... girls will drag things out for years.  The cliques.  The parties.  The soap operas...who was dating who, and who just broke up with who, and who was cheating on who.   Which of my friends were or were not talking to other friends...which changed by the day.  Sometimes by the hour.  The clubs and activities.  The football games.  Oh yeah...and going to class.  :)  You can see where my priorities were by what I remember.

I remember because those are the years we are trained to be little adults.  We learn how to cultivate friendships and what doesn't work.  We learn about romance.   We learn about responsibility and what happens when we slack off.  We learn how to take care of business and how to be social.  From 8am to 3pm every day.

Kinda like now.

And do we keep that persona?  Do we carry what we learn into our lives?  Hopefully.  Do we get better?  Hopefully.  Do we stay in those same cliques?  Rarely.  Not if we are lucky.

So where did you fall back in those days?  Think of the Breakfast Club (love!!!!!) and break it down.

Princess __
Jock __
Nerd __
Basketcase __
Criminal __
and I'm gonna add a category...  Floater __

That was me.  I floated from group to group, and didn't have a fixed identity.


Michele Shaw said...

Have to say I fell in the floater category as well. Think I need to go watch some BC now!

Jacqui "Jax" Jacoby said...

Niiiccceeee!! Good addition. I think I will join you there, unless we add one more with the person who stood four paces back and just watched the rest, taking notes!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I'm not sure what I was - I for sure wasn't a princess or a jock and I wasn't a criminal, and I wasn't a nerd -- what the heck was I? *laugh* --

(sending you a hug)

Sharla said...

LOL Kat, you realize that leaves "basketcase", right? Luurrve ya!!