Thursday, August 12, 2010

Debut author Alicia Bessette...and randomness

Since we all (all = us unpublished people) are anxiously awaiting the day when we can call ourselves "authors" or better yet "Authors" (because that capital gives it more street cred, you know?), I would like to throw a shout out to a debut Author Alicia Bessette with her new novel Simply From Scratch.  You can also read an interview with her over at What Women Write.

On another random note...since I need to keep it short and sweet so I can get back to writing and get myself closer to that "Author" potential...  I have learned in my short staying-home-to-recover sebatacle (spelling?) that I could get really accustomed to this.  Really.  I only have about three days left of unabashed writing slam time before I go back to work (because Saturday is back-to-school-shopping-day and won't count) and I'm getting really sad about that!  I feel strongly that I need to become financially wealthy so that I can continue in the manner that I have learned to love!!  :) 

But....not reality.  And the downside of staying home?  (crickets....  um....  )  Seeing the dirt.  Working eight hours a day allows me to only see the dirt on weekends.  Now I see it everywhere.

Oh, and online shopping.  Amazon is just too easy...

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